Creative juices

In the spirit of  letting the creative juices flow.I have been engaging my other talents(sadly the writing part has been suffering). I like creating stuff with my hands and so for the last few months I have been doing some form of quilting ,making  colorful throw blankets with African fabrics known as Ankara or kitenge . Here’s some pictures of my hard work

I have earned a tidy sum from it, made about five of them hard work indeed but i did enjoy it


A little fun for the lady


“You are beautiful intelligent and one of the most amazing woman i have ever met,”he said

I looked up to him from the phone text i had just received,”really? I asked, “I bet you tell that to all the girls” . “No I don’t you are the first he said sounding offended” as he stared intently into my eyes.I actually felt like slapping him the text I had been reading was just a confirmation i had received about him the world greatest liar and he had picked me to be his next project his aim was to charm me then swindle me out of my money and  rob me of my dignity .

I decided to play along with his game smiling up at him not giving a hint of the anger welling up in me two can play this game i told myself.”lets have desert,am in the mood for something sweet today”

“sure, pick anything you want” he said “anything !” i asked excitedly like a little child

“anything” he emphasized .In my mind i was gleefully plotting my revenge so like any other vengeful woman would do i picked the most expensive desert and given it was a french restaurant talked to the waiter in french knowing Mr flattery couldn’t hear a thing “pourrais-je avoir cette desert s’il vous plaît pack it je pick it du compteur as je laisse”

   If the waiter found my request odd he didn’t comment he just nodded and walked off. ‘Excuse me dear the ladies room awaits” I said to him “will be right back,”  i smiled as i walked away from him. Thank heavens the wash room was near the entrance so i glanced back to our table he was busy scrutinizing the menu probably trying to guess what i had ordered .I calmly walked to the counter a blonde haired lady was manning it.   “Bonsoir, is this my cake ?”I asked her  “table no 7?”she asked “oui” i answered. “Then its yours mademoiselle”  “Merci , kindly send the bill to the table my husband is still there he I will be waiting for him outside”. The woman smiled at me as i took my desert and walked out. my taxi was already waiting i had put the driver on stand by just incase i needed an early escape and indeed i needed him there. I got in quickly and gave him directions to my friends home.barely had we left the parking lot when my phone rang it was Mr flattery i picked it up


“where are you they just brought the bill and no cake maybe they need to see you here ”

“oh! Sorry just got an emergency call and i had to dash out The waiter saw me as i was leaving and gave me the cake i took it but was in such a rush”

okay,he said sounding dejected “rain check maybe?”

yes some other time but thanks for the cake

he hung up  i guess he had looked at the bill well enough  and i knew no date would follow  but i got cake and my dignity intact and a girl got to have fun sometimes




of sisters

they say when a child is born so is the mother but i say once the second or third child is born the first one learns what being a mother entails.i know it sounds weird but i am borrowing from the fact that i am a first child and when my sister was born thats when i learnt the art of nurturing


Its because of my baby sister that i learnt to cook some foods case in point porridge and how to change a nappy (diapers weren’t in our circles those days) i was my mothers little helper in the beginning it was fun this little human being had joined the family .my mum has always been   a working mum so it was a new experience coming home from school and getting her at home so some of my mischief had to dissapear i had to come home do my homework and watch as little TV as possible since i was under surveillance the dynamics had changed in so many ways i have a brother who was born three years after me but i never felt  the impact that time since i was still too young fast forward to when i was  nine years old  i got to have a sibling whom i saw grow up.

All was not rosy for sure since with little ones come responsibilities and diligently and sometimes grudgingly i performed big sister duties and sometimes stepped in when my parents coudnt (the older years) and slowly  it has evolved into a somewhat  mother daughter relationship

we do have the normal sisters fights clothes make up (sharing is a hard thing at times)  i doubt if there  is any sisterhood that has not had done that

in a nutshell i can say she is indeed like my first daughter i know what to possibly expect when i do get my own daughter

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The flower

It had been years since anyone had seen her, the flower of Miata village, Maua was her name and as a flower she was indeed beautiful, skin so soft yet as brown as the earthen pots before they encountered sooth, hair as black as the sooth itself and long cascading down her back when she let it out .
Her eyes were her crowning glory they weren’t brown or black they shimmered like gold and once they glanced at you, one would be lost in their brilliance. Her beauty was exotic something one couldn’t quite understand but still you wanted to explore it.
One day she disappeared, for ten years no one knew her whereabouts, her family and the villagers were shocked
Where did she go to? What happened to her? those was the questions being asked everyone wondered her family didn’t have any idea Baba Maua her father was as distraught as everyone else, Maua was his favorite among his children,she was everything a parent could ask for obedient eager to assist when called out upon and most of all she was a nurturer she took care of everyone and they adored her for that.
the first thing everyone thought was that she had run away to get married she had many suitors  her beauty and her personality  were a magnet  unfortunately she did attract the unsavory characters love was know to make people take very different paths but there had been no signs that she had been in love infact all her suitors mourned her diaspearance

But one person seemed not bothered  by all the fuss Halua she and Maua had been the best of friends but no one could understand what made them friends halua was the extreme opposite of Halua she had an abrasive personality was not as beautiful as Maua and she was the epitome of trouble.despite the difference the girls coexisted in harmony and were each others confidants



Spring Cleaning for the Mind ~ Life Lessons Learned

Read this its quite inspiring


may you never forget what is worth remembering

These are the ones that made my list. What are some of the things you have learned along the way?

Life is too short to wallow in someone else’s muck.

As long as you can still find something to laugh about, you are doing alright.

No matter how hard you try to rationalize someone else’s bad behavior, you won’t feel better about how badly they treated you.

Even a psychiatrist cannot change a light bulb if it is not willing to change…..and there are some pretty dim bulbs out there.

Choosing to remove yourself, and hold your head up high, is always more empowering than letting other people exclude you.

There is no such thing as too much kindness or compassion.

If someone asks “How Are You?” as they keep walking past you, they don’t really care about the answer.  Eye contact, or lack thereof, is an indication.

You will never find…

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creative writting

perfectly imperfect

  • This is a short poem i wrote a while ago and posted it on my facebook page thought it would be great to share with a Different audience…..enjoyI don’t have fair skin
    I don’t have long luscious waves of hair
    I don’t have the perfect teeth,voice,eyes nose
    am perfectly imperfect
    with my not so smooth skin it has been through a lot
    my never growing hair it has had a tough life
    My big eyes and nose they have smelt and seen so many sights some breath taking some dismal
    cried countless tears some of joy and others of pain
    They have journeyed through the UPS and downs of life
    The trials and tribulations
    They have seen it all
    Smelt it all
    Felt it all
    They have attracted as well as repelled
    They have been loved as well as hated
    They are the physical me the one thing to be remembered when nothing else is there that body
    Those eyes
    That hair
    That nose
    That skin
    They are perfect to me in this world of imperfections

My country …..in a few words and pictures

I have noticed most of my followers are not from my native country and that’s great having different views from all over the world is a breath of fresh air i get to know a bit of their cultures and they can learn a bit of mine.Here it goes…

I come from Kenya a country on the eastern side of Africa


we are made up of roughly 42 different cultural communities who have different languages(i know crazy but we manage).This makes us diverse and in a way very accommodating, actually if you compare us to our neighbouring countries we are very cosmopolitan. Apart from the 42 tribes we have various other non natives from all over the world we have expatriates  from all over the world who fell in love with the country and decided to be citizens for good .There is a considerable indian population mostly they came to kenya during the colonial era to build the railways and they remained. there are also those who are descendant from the colonialists who remained and made kenya their home.

The most known communities are the maasais  pictured below in their traditional  dress


Our national languages are English and Swahili,if we all stuck to our languages it would be chaos though we use them informally amongst ourselves

We  are on the global radar because of our long distance runners particularly the marathoners they are really good.




the flag has quite  a lot of symbolism from the colours to the shield on it.

the colour black represent the people,white is for peace green is for the natural resources we have hand red for the bloodshed during the fight for independence. This was developed as we broke free from colonial rule we were colonised by the British.


we are an agricultural country we do grow tea, coffee and flowers.tea being one of our biggest exports

tea in kenya                            flowers in kenya


being an african country kenya is endowed with an abundance of wildlife. so game parks and reserves are quite many. we have one in the middle of our capital city Nairobi this one is quite popular since it’s easily accessible for business travellers  who haven’t got much time to tour the country




the other famous park is the mara reserve popular because of the wildebeest migration which is an interesting natural phenomena.




last but not least we have an amazing coastline with white sandy  beaches perfect for getaways



that’s it in a nutshell but i still have plenty more i will elaborate that in another post