perfectly imperfect

  • This is a short poem i wrote a while ago and posted it on my facebook page thought it would be great to share with a Different audience…..enjoyI don’t have fair skin
    I don’t have long luscious waves of hair
    I don’t have the perfect teeth,voice,eyes nose
    am perfectly imperfect
    with my not so smooth skin it has been through a lot
    my never growing hair it has had a tough life
    My big eyes and nose they have smelt and seen so many sights some breath taking some dismal
    cried countless tears some of joy and others of pain
    They have journeyed through the UPS and downs of life
    The trials and tribulations
    They have seen it all
    Smelt it all
    Felt it all
    They have attracted as well as repelled
    They have been loved as well as hated
    They are the physical me the one thing to be remembered when nothing else is there that body
    Those eyes
    That hair
    That nose
    That skin
    They are perfect to me in this world of imperfections

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