The flower

It had been years since anyone had seen her, the flower of Miata village, Maua was her name and as a flower she was indeed beautiful, skin so soft yet as brown as the earthen pots before they encountered sooth, hair as black as the sooth itself and long cascading down her back when she let it out .
Her eyes were her crowning glory they weren’t brown or black they shimmered like gold and once they glanced at you, one would be lost in their brilliance. Her beauty was exotic something one couldn’t quite understand but still you wanted to explore it.
One day she disappeared, for ten years no one knew her whereabouts, her family and the villagers were shocked
Where did she go to? What happened to her? those was the questions being asked everyone wondered her family didn’t have any idea Baba Maua her father was as distraught as everyone else, Maua was his favorite among his children,she was everything a parent could ask for obedient eager to assist when called out upon and most of all she was a nurturer she took care of everyone and they adored her for that.
the first thing everyone thought was that she had run away to get married she had many suitors  her beauty and her personality  were a magnet  unfortunately she did attract the unsavory characters love was know to make people take very different paths but there had been no signs that she had been in love infact all her suitors mourned her diaspearance

But one person seemed not bothered  by all the fuss Halua she and Maua had been the best of friends but no one could understand what made them friends halua was the extreme opposite of Halua she had an abrasive personality was not as beautiful as Maua and she was the epitome of trouble.despite the difference the girls coexisted in harmony and were each others confidants


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