of sisters

they say when a child is born so is the mother but i say once the second or third child is born the first one learns what being a mother entails.i know it sounds weird but i am borrowing from the fact that i am a first child and when my sister was born thats when i learnt the art of nurturing


Its because of my baby sister that i learnt to cook some foods case in point porridge and how to change a nappy (diapers weren’t in our circles those days) i was my mothers little helper in the beginning it was fun this little human being had joined the family .my mum has always been   a working mum so it was a new experience coming home from school and getting her at home so some of my mischief had to dissapear i had to come home do my homework and watch as little TV as possible since i was under surveillance the dynamics had changed in so many ways i have a brother who was born three years after me but i never felt  the impact that time since i was still too young fast forward to when i was  nine years old  i got to have a sibling whom i saw grow up.

All was not rosy for sure since with little ones come responsibilities and diligently and sometimes grudgingly i performed big sister duties and sometimes stepped in when my parents coudnt (the older years) and slowly  it has evolved into a somewhat  mother daughter relationship

we do have the normal sisters fights clothes make up (sharing is a hard thing at times)  i doubt if there  is any sisterhood that has not had done that

in a nutshell i can say she is indeed like my first daughter i know what to possibly expect when i do get my own daughter

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