A little fun for the lady


“You are beautiful intelligent and one of the most amazing woman i have ever met,”he said

I looked up to him from the phone text i had just received,”really? I asked, “I bet you tell that to all the girls” . “No I don’t you are the first he said sounding offended” as he stared intently into my eyes.I actually felt like slapping him the text I had been reading was just a confirmation i had received about him the world greatest liar and he had picked me to be his next project his aim was to charm me then swindle me out of my money and  rob me of my dignity .

I decided to play along with his game smiling up at him not giving a hint of the anger welling up in me two can play this game i told myself.”lets have desert,am in the mood for something sweet today”

“sure, pick anything you want” he said “anything !” i asked excitedly like a little child

“anything” he emphasized .In my mind i was gleefully plotting my revenge so like any other vengeful woman would do i picked the most expensive desert and given it was a french restaurant talked to the waiter in french knowing Mr flattery couldn’t hear a thing “pourrais-je avoir cette desert s’il vous plaît pack it je pick it du compteur as je laisse”

   If the waiter found my request odd he didn’t comment he just nodded and walked off. ‘Excuse me dear the ladies room awaits” I said to him “will be right back,”  i smiled as i walked away from him. Thank heavens the wash room was near the entrance so i glanced back to our table he was busy scrutinizing the menu probably trying to guess what i had ordered .I calmly walked to the counter a blonde haired lady was manning it.   “Bonsoir, is this my cake ?”I asked her  “table no 7?”she asked “oui” i answered. “Then its yours mademoiselle”  “Merci , kindly send the bill to the table my husband is still there he I will be waiting for him outside”. The woman smiled at me as i took my desert and walked out. my taxi was already waiting i had put the driver on stand by just incase i needed an early escape and indeed i needed him there. I got in quickly and gave him directions to my friends home.barely had we left the parking lot when my phone rang it was Mr flattery i picked it up


“where are you they just brought the bill and no cake maybe they need to see you here ”

“oh! Sorry just got an emergency call and i had to dash out The waiter saw me as i was leaving and gave me the cake i took it but was in such a rush”

okay,he said sounding dejected “rain check maybe?”

yes some other time but thanks for the cake

he hung up  i guess he had looked at the bill well enough  and i knew no date would follow  but i got cake and my dignity intact and a girl got to have fun sometimes



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